Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jen's Werkstatt Tech Blog

Hi all, my name is Jennifer Bromme, and some of you might know me from Werkstatt Motorcycle Repair in San Francisco, which I have started, owned and run since 1994.

I have been professionally working on Japanese motorcycles and BMWs as a motorcycle mechanic since 1990, have been riding since 1988 and amassed a lot of little, useful tips and tricks over the years, some in my apprenticeship, but most by trial and error and by knowledge passed down from the old guys that seem to have been around since Methuselah and that have knowledge about things that is not in the textbook anymore, or on the internet for that matter. Ever see "The Worlds Fastest Indian"? The main character, Burt Munro actually casts his own pistons in his shed behind his house, and manages to set the World Speed Record for over 1000cc vehicles in 1960, and held this record until a few years ago.

Now I don't know how to cast my own pistons, but I do know a lot of little tricks to make your life easier when you are working on your own motorcycle. Like how to use a hose to get the threads started without cross threading when installing a spark plug, spit in the spark plug cap grommet to get it to mount easier to the cable, or to use another box end wrench to make an extension on the side of the road if you are not built like Schwarzenegger to open that rear wheel nut that the previous owner cranked down way to tight.

I also stumble upon a lot of problems that could be avoided in the course of running a motorcycle repair facility, and I thought this would be good way to share avoidable, expensive mistakes!

So keep posted on the latest no-nos and tips and tricks for your motorcycle! I will take suggestions about topics, or if some of you want to share tips you'd be more than welcome to!


P.S. The picture was taken by Sarah Lyon, and it's on the July page of her Female Mechanic Calendar. In other words, I am now officially a calendar girl :) Thanks Sarah, for making a calendar of women that is not a pinup calendar! Check out her site at www.sarahlyon.com