Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chicks on Bikes

Wow, so I'm back, blogging. Sorry for the long absence! Had to figure out first on not to write the whole thing in Hindi :) The settings on had changed themselves in over a year of not logging back in.

So since I last blogged, I have raced another MotoCorsa Classico at Willow Springs and have been to another Moto Melee and I celebrated with many, many friends my 15 year anniversary of Werkstatt Motorcycle Repair in August and all of a sudden I can think of many a story to tell, but what was most awesome and made me want to blog again is the arrival of:

"Chicks on Bikes"! A photo book by Christina Shook.

12 years in the making, it has great pictures of women riders, including me (at the tender age 27) and a lot of other women, some of whom I have known for 12 or more years, riding and enjoying motorcycles, and pictures of a lot of women I don't know that I am glad to hear about their stories and see their pictures. There are so many!

The book itself is a fast paced ride with twist and turns, you never know what to expect on the next page, but it's always exhilarating, a roar to women on motorcycles. The mostly full bleed pictures in this small, square shaped and intimate book format truly capture this particular slice of life in an extraordinary fashion that makes you want to devour every page and then go back and take the same road over again.

Real, raw, full of life, a celebration of women riding motorcycles, no sweet talking here, just beauty. And in a way, a contemporary history book of modern women riding motorcycles, a cap-off to the long history of women riding motorcycles since the motorcycle was first invented.

I love this book, I am so glad Christina got it into print. There are only limited amounts available, and you can buy it here. I ordered 5 myself, to give away to friends and family, to share with them all these different women of all ages and backgrounds with one single uniting factor: the love of riding motorcycles.