Sunday, February 20, 2011

Critters Part I

Now this may be old hat to you if you live out in the sticks and store your bikes in a barn, but to us city slickers finding these little entomological treasure troves over the course of working on motorsickles is always a bit of a treat.

What we see here are two separate, correct me if I'm wrong, wasp's nests in each of this Moto Guzzi V7's exhaust cans. Additionally, a spider's egg sac was also unearthed when the bike was stripped down.

Hey, maw, if we throw that sucker on the griddle, we can have a couple thousand omelets cooked up in no time.

Here's video of the above bike being started for the first time after getting a thorough work-over by Ed, who pulled it out of... some barn, I guess. Watch for the nest!

Tired But Still Rolling

When you work at a motorcycle shop long enough, certain jobs become a statistical given because they involve items that, by their nature, will wear out over time. Drive chains, sprockets, and fork seals are some common examples, and, of course, one's tires.

We always say shit like, "man, that's pretty bad, but I've seen worse."

Not this time though.

I can safely say this is the worst tire (that wasn't blown apart or set on fire) I've seen. How this guy managed to ride in at all is marvelous.

Bravo, sir!