Sunday, February 20, 2011

Critters Part I

Now this may be old hat to you if you live out in the sticks and store your bikes in a barn, but to us city slickers finding these little entomological treasure troves over the course of working on motorsickles is always a bit of a treat.

What we see here are two separate, correct me if I'm wrong, wasp's nests in each of this Moto Guzzi V7's exhaust cans. Additionally, a spider's egg sac was also unearthed when the bike was stripped down.

Hey, maw, if we throw that sucker on the griddle, we can have a couple thousand omelets cooked up in no time.

Here's video of the above bike being started for the first time after getting a thorough work-over by Ed, who pulled it out of... some barn, I guess. Watch for the nest!

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